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#3845 Это мой личный те...!!pZDEhRN0wI3845
378x301, 109 Кб

Это мой личный тестотред, зачем он нужен - моё дело, я тебе не мешаю - и ты мне не мешай, своё мнение оставь при себе.

#3907 !!pZDEhRN0wI3907
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1280x960, 1.4 Мб
1080x1498, 882 Кб
#3908 !!pZDEhRN0wI3908
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750x624, 570 Кб
1024x1007, 1.2 Мб
#3909 !!pZDEhRN0wI3909
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#3790 sdf!!/wBo5WnCQc3790


#3796 !!/wBo5WnCQc3796


#3797 Dev_NfGPDF3797
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#3753 3753


#3755 3755
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file is deleted


#3506 fghjf!!RR9G8k4.uU3506
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#3458 ..3458
380x660, 26 Кб

пиздец, окончательно выдавили с доски

вобщем то pohooy но теперь снова нечего делать

#3486 Камвал!KamVaLa/y23486
836x334, 131 Кб
#3660 3660

fghfgh fghfgh fghfgh rtyrt

#3252 keys4coins refund method exploit3252

keys4coins refund method exploit

With this method you will be able to get anything from https://keys4coins.com/ completely for free. The site is a legit website selling stuff for cryptos, butI have found this massive exploit that you can get literally any product that is available for sale on Keys4Coins including Game Codesand Gift Cards

So how it works?

That’s really simple. We will use a Tampermonkey script that will inject expired payment session whenever we make a new order at keys4coins. It’s still a small company and they just got a big security breach, that’s all. Your browser will think the payment is expired and will send information to the server that you are eligible for a refund, but at the same time server side is accepting this paymentand finalizing the order.Then the refund information sent by our browser comes and they will refund your money instantly

Keep in mind that keys4coins will refund your “Expired” order only if it’s above 0.001BTC Any lower amount WILL NOT get prioritized and willrequire you to contact their support toget a refund, which will result in your request getting rejected, as they will find out that the order was already processed.



#3264 3264
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file is deleted
1125x844, 193 Кб
file is deleted


#3266 3266
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file is deleted


#3301 3301
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