Combine Assassin

Combine Assassin

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I spend years finding the core instructions of mammalian fauna to develop Dr. Wallace Breen telepathy. I have no god. No diety. Only a desire for answers of South African starvation at the forefront. They do not break my naturalism. They call me an atheist. None are concerned of my research yet. All I can assure is I have no cult and no weapons. All they use is sexual bribery to bring these attempts towards harmless religion. Dr. Wallace Breen is the worst of Maldek. And I have no border world of those asteroids' solar and temporal dimensions. Not yet. They average away my funding by that very telepathy. Your government is too Christian to care of my designs.

//Creations Apparatus marks this as contact with only what is going to hail him to speech in public one day. :)