can anybody helpe me?

can anybody helpe me?

#3380 can anybody helpe me?!!8YGivtbxJM3380

How TF do i install thi git file on my server? Is there a tutorial? Or how can i learn on how to set this up? What should i search for?

#3383 HELP....3383


I have been wondering this exact same thing ever since I originally found the github repo:

That code on github seems to be somewhat out of date, apparently, and it has now been locked and archived.

At least this is what it looks like according to this:

Maybe the developer/admin has taken the project private and closed source??

I do not know.

But I would VERY MUCH like to play around with this very nice fork which has been created.



#3385 3385


Hi. This is an old repository and is no longer supported and will not be updated.

Perhaps a new repository with the latest updates will be created within a few months. Please wait.

#3386 HELP....3386


Thank you for the reply.

I have been fascinated with this fork of infinity for quite some time.

You are doing some excellent work !!!

I am anxiously looking forward to seeing the updated code.

Just a curiousity question:

Could you possibly tell me which of the changes indicated here: are not incorporated in the old github repo?

At which corresponding date did the github repo stop being updated?

Just wondering.


#3392 img tst3392
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file is deleted
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test edited again

#3401 POLL TEST3401
1177x600, 52 Кб

poll (I like, I hate, I don't care)

#3402 POLL TEST3402

I don't understand how to do a command lol.

#3403 POLL TEST3403

poll (I like1, I hate2, I don't care3)

#3404 POLL TEST3404

poll command (Yes1, No2. Maybe3)

#3406 POLL TEST3406

1. Yes

2. No

3. Maybe

poll (varint1, varint2, varint3)

#3407 POLL TEST3407

Last try

poll command (varint1, varint2, varint3)

#3408 poll(1,2,3)3408

1(37%, 45 Голосов)
2(26%, 32 Голосов)
3(35%, 43 Голосов)
#3409 POLL TEST3409

1(35%, 46 Голосов)
2(35%, 46 Голосов)
3(29%, 39 Голосов)
#3410 POLL TEST3410

Let's try this:

Yes(30%, 37 Голосов)
No(35%, 44 Голосов)
Maybe(34%, 42 Голосов)
#3411 POLL TEST3411



Ah...., I understand now.

The instructions on the "Help/FAQ" page has blank spaces in between the command elements, so I was confused by that.